Welcome to Swiss Energy City!

Naturally efficient living

  • Swiss Energy City promotes green electricity production 
  • We use green power as a resource 
  • We recognize advanced green energy products

Swiss Energy City and its figures:

280 000 m2 production OPC Glass in 4 colors. 10 000 m2 on 20 floors factory for the production of Izopoint and Izotugla products. Round silver "golf ball" 300 m2 . 10 000 Smartflower distributed throughout the site . 20 000 m2 Ruby red. Pedestals with different subjects. 20 000 m2 Sapphire blue. 20 000 m2 Emerald. 900 greenhouses each with 300 greenhouses green . Ice storage factory about 20 000 m2 round. 2500 km of traffic routes covered with algae tar. 3200 hotel terraces greened Bosco Verticale...

The Fabrice Center is built with wood and organic photovoltaic membranes

The buildings of the battery storage are greened with Bosco Verticale 

A building of Passion in a Box
PV glass from amorphous silicon, becomes sapphire blue, OPV glass

An administrative building,
built with Onyx amorphous
Silicon Terracota

A building from Passion in a Box
Amorphous silicon PV glass, Emerald green, OPV glass

At the Fabric Center
organic photovoltalic glass is produced

The hotel is greened with vertical algae facades

A building of Passion in a Box
PV glass of amorphous silicon, becomes Ruby red, OPV glass

In Switzerland - in Bern - in Liebefeld: That's where we are at home.

598327 / 198027Coordinates: 46° 56′ 0″ N , 7° 25′ 0″ E ; 
CH1903: 598327 / 198027

Swiss Energy City
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